Value Associations

The following list was updated by the author at the time of publication.

Australia: Institute of Value Management of Australia (IVMA) (

Brazil: Associação Brazileria de engenharia e analise do valor (

Canada: Canadian Society of Value Analysis – Société canadienne d’analyse de la valeur (

Europe: There are many value associations in Europe. Below is the list of the European associations that are members of the European Governing Board (EGB) for the European Value Management Training and Certification System (

  • Austria: Institut Fur Innovations-und Trendforschung (IITF) (
  • Belgium: Association pour le développement de l’analyse de la valeur (AVD) (
  • France: Association Francaise pour l’Analyse de la Valeur (AFAV), (
  • Germany: Verein Deutscher Ingenieure Fachbereich VM/WA (VDI-GPP) (
  • Hungary: Society of Hungarian Value Analysts (SHVA)
  • Italy: Associazione Italiana per l’Analisi e la gestione del Valore (AIAV) (
  • Netherlands: Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE) (
  • Portugal: Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima (APAV)
  • Spain: CGV – Centro para la Gestión del Valor (IAT) (
  • United Kingdom: The Institute of Value Management (IVM) (

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM) (

India: Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) (

Japan: Society of Japanese Value Engineers (SJVE) (

South Africa: Value Engineering and Management Society of South Africa (VEMSSA) (

South Korea: Society of Korea Value Engineering (SKVE) (

USA: SAVE International (

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