South Africa

Off The Beaten Track

Not only is South Africa vast, but every corner of the country holds something of scenic, natural or cultural interest – meaning that the opportunities for off-the-beaten-track exploration are practically limitless.

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t The verdant uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park

Wild Walks

Strap on your boots and backpack and take to the hundreds of kilometres of self-sufficient hiking trails that traverse the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. Africa’s most expansive montane wilderness, the range is capped by a 200-km- (125-mile-) long spine of jagged peaks that’s breached by just one 4WD-only road as it runs along the border with Lesotho.

Secluded Safaris

Escape the crowds and enjoy a self-drive safari through the huge tract of Kruger National Park that lies north of the Letaba River – only three rest camps service the area and they are seldom visited by organized tours. You might not see as many of the Big Five as in the south, but the mesmerizing wilderness feel more than makes up for it.

Desert Adventures

Legendary among 4WD enthusiasts, the Richtersveld forms part of South Africa’s most remote national park, snuggled up against the Orange River on the border with Namibia. Immerse yourself in arid landscapes of austere beauty, surrounded by bizarre flora – most notably the striking halfmens (half-human) tree – and a range of dry-country antelope and birds.

Coastal Paradise

For a beach break with a difference, head to iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Lined with breathtaking swathes of sun-drenched sand flanked by turquoise estuaries, subtropical jungles and forested dunes, it’s totally unpopulated bar a handful of isolated boutique lodges and small fishing villages.

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Little-visited Reserves

Tembe Elephant Park

Home to all the Big Five, this park is like a budget private reserve.

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

A scenic slow road snakes through this stunning gorge.

Nylsvley Nature Reserve

The seasonal floodplain here attracts an array of aquatic birds (Nylsvley Nature Reserve).

Mapungubwe National Park

This park houses the ruins of a major medieval citadel.

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