Thank you, Roystan La’Porte for considering me as an author for Business Expert Press and introducing me to the publisher. Thank you, Rachel George for being part of yet another writing project of mine. Your help in best possibly expressing my thoughts in English is very much appreciated. Thank you, Manoj Barve, Katharina Bömers, Achim Borse, Peter Burdyl, Cal O Cal, Sue De’Ath, Wiebke Drescher, Rena Dumont, Leslie Fleck, Osman Bayazit Genc, Andreas Hauser, Claudia Hefter, Gudrun Höhne, Daniel Ittstein, Stephan Janouch, Florian Käsbauer, Katharina Klaß and her language students (from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Greece, Iran, ­Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen), Prajakta Kotasthane, Andrew MacKichan, Tina Oreskovich, Sven Riemann, Nigel Ruddock, Lukas Schmitz, Arjun Sachdev, Kuldeep Saraswat, Gustav Seehusen, Stewart Siegel, Bhupinder Singh, Hasan Syed, Abhilash V R, Manuel Vermeer, Petra Wagner, Alexander Wurz, David Zach, and many more people who decided to keep to the side lines, for offering your perspectives on the topic or reviewing parts of the text. I am also grateful to the participants of the seminars for academic job seekers on intercultural competence which I had been conducting this summer; the questions and resulting discussions with young professionals and seasoned executives who have often studied abroad, worked internationally, or have only recently come to Germany have greatly inspired many parts of this text.

Munich, October 2018

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