2.7. SUMMARY 17
Figure 2.10: Multi-body dynamics model.
with 165 DOF which is correlated to vehicle kinematic and compliance (K&C) measurements.
Furthermore, the Magic Formula tyre model is employed, as shown in Figure 2.10.
is model used 6 DOFs to represent vehicle body, 78 DOFs to represent front axle
suspension and 76 DOFs to represent rear axle suspension, 1 DOF to represent steering system,
and 4 DOFs to represent wheels.
In recent years, the multi-body dynamics can be obtained by some business software such
as Trucksim, Carsim, and Adams. According to these softwares, the cost and risk are greatly
decrease. At the same time, the influence of vehicle driving parameters, and structure parameters
can also be studied.
Bao and Hu [21] built the multi-body dynamics model based on Adams to analyze the
rollover stability considering road excitation, as shown in Figure 2.11. And the simulation anal-
ysis of rollover stability was carried out. Figures 2.12 and 2.13 show the model obtained by
Trucksim and Carsim, which aim at heavy and light vehicles, respectively.
Until now, many researchers have studied the vehicle rollover dynamic models. In addition to
the model above, there are many other vehicle rollover dynamic models established in order
to more accurately describe the vehicle rollover motion state. However, little research has been
done on the modeling of tripped rollover.
Figure 2.11: Adams model.
Figure 2.12: Trucksim model.
2.7. SUMMARY 19
Figure 2.13: Carsim model.
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