Book Description

The 7 keys to property investment success

Brimming with fresh content designed to suit current trends in the market, Unlocking the Property Market shares expert property market analyst John Lindeman's tips and techniques on where to buy, what to buy, how much to pay, and when to sell. Written with your needs in mind, Lindeman reveals the seven keys to property investment success and shows you how to unlock the property market's secrets.

The media talks up a housing market boom one minute and then warns of a crash the next, but the housing market's behaviour is predictable. Housing prices move slowly upwards, and then they stagnate for some years—and may even fall for a year or two. However, there are always suburbs in any market that go against the grain and offer property investors a chance to secure the highest returns in the shortest possible time in any market condition. To find these properties, follow John Lindeman in Unlocking the Property Market and successfully discover the seven keys to property investment success including:

  • Understand how the market works and find locations with the best growth potential

  • Know where and when to buy and the best time to sell

  • Narrow down your property search, decide what to buy and determine how much to pay.

  • If you're a private housing investor or just starting out in the field looking for authoritative, accessible information on the topic, Unlocking the Property Market gives you the confidence and know-how to successfully obtain the best possible results from property investment.

    Table of Contents

    1. Foreword
    2. About the author
    3. Introduction
    4. Key 1: Understand how the housing market works
      1. What we've learned from historical data
      2. The future will not be the same as the past
      3. The housing market suits all types of investors
      4. The three dynamics of housing markets
    5. Key 2: Find areas with the best growth potential
      1. Predict short-term price and rent changes
      2. How to generate your own housing market forecasts
      3. The dangers of overdevelopment
      4. The lure of property speculation
    6. Key 3: Discover where and when to buy
      1. Understand different market dynamics
      2. Renters and their effect on housing markets
      3. Rental demand can change property values
      4. Renters on the move
    7. Key 4: Narrow down your search
      1. Give your new occupants a sense of belonging
      2. Look for areas where imminent price-growth is most likely to occur
      3. Use the splash effect to help narrow down your search
      4. Flip and trade properties for profit in booming markets
      5. Hunt for bargains in stressed and buyer markets
      6. How to find the next potential boom market
      7. How to conduct your own online research
      8. Conduct on-the-ground research
    8. Key 5: Decide what to buy
      1. Where and what to renovate for the greatest profit potential
      2. Is the property right for passive growth?
      3. Is the property right for rental growth?
    9. Key 6: Determine how much to pay
      1. What gives land its value?
      2. The median sale price can be misleading
      3. How analysts estimate property values
      4. Make your own market value estimate
      5. Making the offer
    10. Key 7: Know the best time to sell
      1. How to use sales and listings data
      2. How to track the supply side
      3. How to find the best ‘buy and hold’ investment areas
      4. How to tell when further growth is unlikely in a market
    11. Further resources
      1. Australian Bureau of Statistics
      2. Housing data providers
      3. Property listings information providers
      4. Property investment magazines
      5. E-newsletters
      6. Mentoring services
      7. Educators
    12. Glossary
    13. Index
    14. Advert
    15. EULA