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Breathtaking Beaches

A nation of beach-lovers, Cubans are spoilt for choice when it comes to sensational stretches of sand. Sugary sand awaits you wherever you go on the island, with each beach offering something different.

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t A bridge to the beach on Cayo Ensenachos

Bewitching Beaches

The Cayos de Villa Clara – comprising Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Las Brujas (Witches Cay), and Cayo Santa María – are a sunseeker’s paradise. Swim in the warm, shallow waters or fish for bonefish and tarpon here.

Naked Beauty

Cuba’s strict laws against public nudity don’t apply on Cayo Largo, but you don’t have to strip off. Whether you’re staying here for a week or taking a two-day excursion from Havana, you will be greeted with sands as soft as talcum powder. Our pick of the island’s beaches is Playa Sirena.

Escape the Crowds

Unspoiled Cayo Sabinal has no large-scale hotels, despite the miles of superlative sand found on its shores. The highlight of the island is the mesmerizingly beautiful Playa Los Pinos, which is sheltered by a barrier reef. It has minimal facilities but makes the perfect day- trip excursion from Santa Lucía if all you’re craving is some peace and quiet.

Get Sporty

Varadero, Cuba’s main beach resort, has more than 60 large all-inclusive resorts along 12 km (7 miles) of unbroken white-sand beaches on the Atlantic shore of the Hicacos Peninsula. As well as a nature reserve, the resort also boasts all manner of watersports. Try your hand at kitesurfing above the sparkling waters, jet-ski through the man- groves or go scuba diving with Marlin Náutica (

Family Fun

Protected by an offshore reef, Maguana beach in the Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt is the perfect place to paddle and play. Alternatively, kids will love looking for flamingos and white ibis at Cayo Coco, or playing on the snow-white sand as soft as icing sugar.

Cuba for Breathtaking Beaches


City Beach Escapes

Playas del Este

These sands are packed with Habaneros on weekends.

Cayo Levisa

This tiny beach-fringed isle is a short distance from Viñales.

Playa Ancón

Popular picnic spot near Trinidad.

Playa Siboney

Parque Baconao’s beach is close to Santiago de Cuba.


Eastern Cuba’s most developed resort.

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