Clockwise from top: Los Angeles skyline, Walt Disney Concert Hall, North Vista at the Huntington, Rodeo Drive sign, A Los Angeles beach with colorful beach houses, West Coaster at Santa Monica Pier, Street performer on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

City of Angels. City of Dreams. City streets lined with palm trees under a dazzling blue sky. Convertibles cruising the Pacific Coast Highway. Surfers riding a perfect wave. Movie stars leading mythological lives in designer gowns. Beneath this image lies a vibrant, multicultural city for all to enjoy, and with Eyewitness Top 10 Los Angeles, it’s yours to explore.

Never would the Spanish founders of the pueblo in 1781 have envisioned that it would one day become a vast urban sprawl, home to over 18 million people from 140 countries. It’s a city that dictates culture to the world, yet where no single culture predominates. Stroll down any street and you can hear a dozen different languages and sample the food of a dozen different cuisines. Explore Pasadena, with its European style; Beverly Hills, where excess is an art form; and Venice Beach, with its hedonistic, anything-goes boardwalk.

In an area known for its stars, the Getty Center, the Huntington, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) are stars among a cultural galaxy. Some of the world’s most cutting-edge architecture is rising from Downtown’s streets. And, if there’s a certain sense of familiarity, look around carefully – you may have seen it in a movie. Free-spirited at heart, this is a city of optimism and possibility.

Whether you’re coming for a weekend or a week, our Top 10 guide brings together the best of everything that Los Angeles has to offer, from iconic places such as Hollywood to the amazing Disneyland® Resort. The guide has useful tips throughout, from seeking out what’s free to avoiding the crowds, plus ten easy-to-follow itineraries designed to tie together a clutch of sights in a short space of time. Add inspiring photography and detailed maps, and you’ve got the essential pocket-sized travel companion. Enjoy the book, and enjoy Los Angeles.

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