Clockwise from top: Giudecca; lion statue in Piazza San Marco; Basilica San Marco mosaic; Grand Canal; Carnival mask; gondolas with San Giorgio Maggiore in the background; Burano

Gliding gondolas. Glorious sunsets over the lagoon. Spritz aperitivos. Black cuttlefish-ink pasta. Renaissance palazzi. Gorgeous Carnival masks. A time warp. And no cars; not one. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been, a visit to Venice is always as memorable as it is romantic. Navigating the canal-filled city is easy with this Eyewitness Top 10 Venice guide.

There’s nothing like Venice anywhere else in the world. Join the crowds thronging Piazza San Marco and wonder at the glittering Basilica. Relax at the outdoor cafés, drinking in the atmosphere while sipping a cappuccino, or ride a water-bus plying the canals.

Whether you come for a couple of days or a whole week, our Top 10 Venice guide is invaluable, with its carefully selected listings that bring together the best the city has to offer. Explore the labyrinthine Doge’s Palace, have a drink in buzzing Campo Santa Margherita, hunt for a costume for the annual Carnival, shop at top craft stores and fashion boutiques, or travel to the atmospheric islands of Murano and Torcello.

Succinct descriptions explain how Venice developed as and where it did, with the help of notable figures such as Marco Polo and Vivaldi. Insider tips abound, along with curious facts that you won’t find in any other guide. Your questions will be answered: Is Venice still sinking? Do people often fall in the water?

Whether you’re coming for a weekend or a week, our Top 10 guide brings together the best of everything the city can offer. There are tips throughout, from seeking out what’s free to avoiding the crowds, plus ten easy-to-follow itineraries, designed to help you visit a clutch of sights in a short space of time. Add inspiring photography and detailed maps, and you’ve got the essential pocket-sized travel companion. Enjoy the book, and enjoy Venice.

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