Bars and Nightclubs

1. Kangaroo Bar

Centrally located on Bangla Road and flanked by about a half-dozen other establishments of a similar vintage, Kangaroo Bar draws lively crowds. This popular venue has an in-house DJ, and is also renowned as a prime vantage point for scoping out Patong’s colorful passersby.prac_infoBangla Road, Patong • Open early afternoon–2:00am daily •

2. Timber Hut

Phuket Town’s top live music venue features an excellent in-house band. Busy during the week, and sometimes downright wild on weekends, this is a great place to dance and party. A favorite with local Thais, the bar also attracts its fair share of foreign visitors.prac_infoYaowarat Road, Phuket Town • 07621 1839 • Open 9:30pm–2am daily

3. Yoonique Stone Music Cafe

A local favorite, this funky little dive tucked behind Naiharn Lake in southern Phuket hosts regular jam sessions and live bands in a unique and artistic-ally decorated environment.prac_info14/61–62 Sai Yuan Road, Rawai Beach • Open 6pm–2am daily

4. Aussie Bar

Located right in the middle of Bangla Road, Patong’s best-known family-friendly sports bar screens all the big foot-ball, cricket, and rugby matches on more than 30 TVs. The bar promotes upcoming games on its website.prac_infoBangla Road, Patong • Open 9:30am–2am daily

5. Velvet Dojo

Swanky for an island bar, the Velvet Dojo features a stylish lounge that caters to a trendy crowd and upscale travelers who want to chill out. Located in the centre of Tonsai village, and opening on to one of its busiest streets, the bar is hard to miss. The house music and nighttime specials are very good.prac_infoTonsai • Open 2pm–2am daily

6. Apache Beach Bar

This multi-level nightclub is often packed with people dancing into the early hours. Apache flaunts its flirtatious side with tropical bikini parties, ladies’ specials, and body painting parties. The bar also hosts weekly ladyboy shows.prac_infoTonsai • Open 5pm–2am daily

7. After Beach Bar

Located near Karon Viewpoint, on the winding mountain highway between Kata and Rawai, this relaxing bar overlooking the sea plays a constant stream of reggae and acoustic tunes. It is a popular place for post-beach cocktails while watching the sunset.prac_infoHighway 4233 • 081 894 3750 • Open 9am–11pm daily

8. Rolling Stoned Bar

This popular live music spot on Ko Phi Phi is an ideal place to sprawl out on a floor cushion and listen to cover bands playing your favorite classic and modern rock tunes. The bar’s funky lighting and surroundings, as well as its pool tables, have helped Rolling Stoned Bar remain a long-time beach favorite.prac_infoTonsai • Open 5pm–2am daily

9. Banana Disco

A long-term crowd pleaser, Banana Disco comes to life around midnight, when crowds flock on to the dance floor to enjoy house music. A great place to dance, flirt, and drink, the disco remains one of Patong’s most popular late-night venues. The B200 cover charge gets you one drink.prac_infoBeach Road, Patong • 07634 0301 • Open 9pm–4am daily

10. Molly Malone’s

The island’s most popular Irish pub has been going strong since it first opened in 1999. Located on the main beach road, Molly Malone’s offers live pub-rock each night while a number of flatscreen TVs broadcast live sports events. The lively bar also serves a range of traditional pub fare, as well as brews such as Guinness, Kilkenny, and Magners Irish Cider on draught.prac_info94/1 Thaweewong Road, Patong • 07629 2771 • Open 9am–2am daily

Top 10 Favorite Local Drinks

1. Singha Beer

Most foreigners pronounce the name of this lager as “Singh-ha,” although the proper pronunciation is “Singh.”

2. Chang Beer

This potent lager is one of the country’s top-selling beers. Equally popular on tourist T-shirts is the Chang elephant logo.

3. Leo Beer

A flavorful lager, Leo Beer is produced by Boon Rawd Breweries.

4. Tiger Beer

Singapore’s first locally brewed beer is popular throughout Thailand.

5. Red Bull Cocktails

The energy drink’s formula was invented by a Thai businessman, who still owns 49 per cent of the company.

6. “Buckets”

Be wary of this potent Thai specialty, a mix of alcohol, cola, and Red Bull in a bucket, meant to serve a group.

7. Sangsom

Despite its reputation as a Thai whiskey, the liquor is in fact a rum.

8. Phuket Beer

The bottle’s logo features a brightly-colored hornbill, perched near Phuket’s Phromthep Cape.

9. 100 Pipers

This popular western-style whisky is imported from (although not bottled in) Scotland.

10. San Miguel Light

This brew from the Philippines can be found widely throughout Thailand, including Phuket.

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