Drastic improvements in both access to satellite images and data processing tools today allow near real-time observation of Earth surface deformations. Remote sensing imagery is thus a powerful, reliable and spatially dense source of information that can be used to understand the Earth and its surface manifestations as well as mitigate natural hazards.

This book offers for the first time a complete overview of the methodological approaches developed to measure surface displacement using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and optical imagery, as well as their applications in the monitoring of major geophysical phenomena. More specifically, the first part of the book presents the theory behind SAR interferometry (InSAR) and image correlation and its latest developments. In the second part, most of the geophysical phenomena that trigger Earth surface deformations are reviewed.

Surface Displacement Measurement from Remote Sensing Images unveils the potential and sensitivity of the measurement of Earth surface displacements from remote sensing imagery.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. PART 1: Theory, Principles and Methodology
  6. 1 Relevant Past, On-going and Future Space Missions
  7. 2 Image Matching and Optical Sensors
  8. 3 SAR Offset Tracking
  9. 4 SAR Interferometry: Principles and Processing
  10. 5 Advanced Methods for Time-series InSAR
  11. 6 The Interferometric Phase: Unwrapping and Closure Phase
  12. PART 2: Applications for Surface Displacements
  13. 7 Remote Sensing of the Earthquake Deformation Cycle
  14. 8 Volcanology: The Crucial Contribution of Surface Displacement Measurements from Space for Understanding and Monitoring Volcanoes
  15. 9 Anthropogenic Activity: Monitoring Surface-Motion Consequences of Human Activities with Spaceborne InSAR
  16. 10 Measuring Kinematics of Slow-Moving Landslides from Satellite Images
  17. 11 Remote Sensing of Glacier Motion
  18. 12 New Applications of Spaceborne Optical Image Cross-Correlation: Digital Elevation Models of Volcanic Clouds and Shallow Bathymetry from Space
  19. List of Authors
  20. Index
  21. End User License Agreement