Part V

Professional Mastering Process—Micro Considerations

Part V begins by revisiting foundational concepts from Chapter 7—The Mastering Game Plan in additional detail, then expands into a vast array of advanced mastering techniques. Note that it is beneficial to spend considerable time working with the fundamental mastering tools that comprise The Primary Colors of Mastering (EQs, compressors, and BWLs) introduced in Chapter 4 before tackling advanced mastering techniques presented in Chapter 14. Part V includes Chapter 15—Mid-Side, an in-depth exploration of this now ubiquitous process, which is a standard option for many modern plug-ins or is included as a feature on modern mastering consoles. The final chapters delve into in-the-box (ITB) mastering, and de-noising and audio restoration. I continue expounding on the professional mastering process with a look at micro considerations.

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