For many decades, Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics has been recognized as an authority on the theories and techniques of graphics communication. Generations of instructors and students have used and retained this book as a professional reference. The long-standing success of Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics can be attributed to its clear and engaging explanation of principles, and to its drawings, which are unsurpassed in detail and accuracy.

Although not a departure from its original authoritative nature and hallmark features, the book is thoroughly revised and updated to the latest technologies and practices in the field. With the addition of topics related to the role of the 3D CAD database in design and documentation, this fifteenth edition of Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics will prepare students to enter the marketplace of the twenty-first century and continue to serve as a lasting reference.

Shawna Lockhart, author of the fourteenth edition, first used Giesecke’s Technical Drawing when teaching engineering graphics at Montana State University. Throughout her 15 years as an award-winning professor, she selected this text because, in her words, “It was the most thorough and well-presented text with the best graphic references and exercises on the market.”

The quality of the illustrations and drawing examples was established by the original author, Frederick E. Giesecke, who created the majority of the illustrations in the first edition of Technical Drawing, published in 1933.

Giesecke, founder of the first formal architectural education program in Texas at what is today Texas A&M University, has been described as “a wunderkind of the first magnitude.” He joined the A&M faculty at the age of 17, after graduating in 1886 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and by the age of 19, was appointed head of A&M’s Department of Mechanical Drawing.

Having studied architectural drawing and design at Cornell University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Giesecke also served as head of the Department of Architecture and the official college architect at Texas A&M, designing many campus buildings that are still standing today.

A long-time admirer of Giesecke’s legacy, Lockhart was honored to carry on the commitment to clear, engaging, thorough, and well-organized presentation that began with the original author.

Lockhart is known as an early adopter and authority on CAD technologies. She is an instructor noted for outstanding dedication to students and for encouraging a broad spectrum of individuals, particularly women and minorities, to follow careers in engineering-related fields. Lockhart now works fulltime to ensure that the Giesecke graphics series continually applies to an evolving variety of technical disciplines.

The Fifteenth Edition

The fifteenth edition of Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics continues its long history as an introduction to technical drawing and an easy-to-use reference for techniques and practices. Reviewers advised us on how to make Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics a superb guide and resource for today’s students. New content includes:

• Expanded coverage of 3D design and modeling techniques

• Updated introduction that illustrates the design documentation process with an industry case study

• Additional sketching content, including sketching assemblies and case study on sketching for ideation

• New coverage of geometry useful for 3D modeling

• All new chapter on modeling tools and techniques

• More examples of plastic and sheet metal parts

• Updated coverage of modeling for manufacture with all new sections on using the model for simulation and analysis

• Web chapters available for axonometric projection and perspective drawing

Online Resources

An Instructor’s Manual (9780134308241) and Lecture Slides in PowerPoint format (9780134308258) are available on the companion site for this book at

Web chapters on axonometric projection and perspective drawing may be downloaded from To access and download the bonus chapters:

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Sincere thanks to all the individuals and companies who shared their expertise through drawings and advice with the readers of this book:

Robert A. Ackein

Marty Albini

Jacob Baron-Taltre

Albert Brown, Jr.

Will Callahan

Jason Cohn

David and Caroline Collett

André Cotan

David Demchenkov

Tim Devries

Jost Diedrichs

Steve Elpel

Joe Evers

Carl Fehres

Mark Gerisch

Joe Graney

Leo Greene

Tom Jungst

Scott Keller

Robert Kincaid

Brandon Larocque

Matt McCune

Stan McLean

Laine McNeil

Rob Mesaros

Cliff Moore

Jeremy Olson

Andrea Orr

Kelly Pavlik

Jeffrey Pentecost

Mark Perkins

David Pinchefsky

Robert Rath

Jake Reis

Erik Renna

Steve Sanford

Chad Schipman

Scott Schwartzenberger

Timothy Seaman

Mark Soares

Bryan Strobel

Lee Sutherland

Kent Swendseid

Bill Townsend

Michael T. Wheelock

Alex Wilson

Douglas Wintin

Brandon Wold

Rick Zaik

Jeff Zerr

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of reviewers to the development of Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics:

Tarek Abdel-Salam, East Carolina University

Robert A. Ackein, Bates Technical College

Fred Brasfield, Tarrant Community College

Charles Richard Cole, Southern Polytechnic State University

Robert Conn, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges—Wabash Valley College

Steven L. Dulmes, College of Lake County

Jeff Levy, New River Community College

J.D. Mather, Pennsylvania College of Technology

Saeid Motavalli, California State University East Bay

Mostafa A. Tossi, Pennsylvania State Worthington Scranton

Michael T. Wheelock, Idaho State University

Paige Wyatt, Columbia Basin College

A very special thanks to Robert Conn and J.D. Mather for their constructive comments and suggestions.

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