Book Description

This brand-new Apple-certified guide, reconceived for Logic's new interface, uses all-new projects and media files to show you how to record, produce, and polish your musical creations with Apple's professional audio software. Veteran audio producer David Nahmani uses step-by-step, project-based instruction and straightforward explanations to teach everything from basic music creation to advanced production techniques.Using the book's DVD files and either Logic Pro 8 or Logic Express 8, you'll begin making music in the first lesson. From there, you'll learn to record audio and MIDI, edit sequences, master mixing techniques, and use Logic's software synthesizers, sampler, and digital signal processors to put the perfect aural polish on your audio creations. A special troubleshooting section helps you set up and optimize your studio and Logic system effectively. Whether you're looking to use your computer as a digital recording studio, create musical compositions and cutting-edge surround-sound mixes, or transfer that song in your head into living music, this comprehensive book/DVD combo will show you how.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Getting Started
    1. The Methodology
      1. Course Structure
    2. Using the DVD Book Files
      1. Installing Logic
      2. Using Default Preferences
      3. Screen Resolution
      4. Installing the Logic Lesson Files
      5. Instructions for Logic Express Users
    3. System Requirements
    4. About the Apple Pro Training Series
    5. Apple Pro Certification Program
    6. Resources
  4. Introduction to Logic
    1. 1. Make Music with Logic Now!
      1. Opening Logic
      2. Exploring the Interface
      3. Starting a Project with Apple Loops
        1. Browsing and Previewing Loops
      4. Navigating the Project
        1. Using Transport Buttons and Key Commands
        2. Transport Buttons and Key Commands
        3. Continuously Repeating a Section
      5. Building an Arrangement
        1. Saving Your Work and Undoing Actions
        2. Looping and Positioning Regions
        3. Copying and Resizing Regions
        4. Adjusting Loop Repetitions
        5. Arranging a Middle Section
        6. Ending the Song
      6. Mixing the Song
        1. Preparing for Mixing
        2. Adjusting Levels
        3. Using Processing Plug-Ins
        4. Panning Instruments and Copying Plug-Ins
      7. Exporting the Mix
      8. Lesson Review
  5. Building a Song
    1. 2. Recording Audio
      1. Setting Up Digital Audio Recording
        1. Setting the Sample Rate
        2. Setting the Bit Depth
      2. Recording a Single Track
        1. Preparing a Track for Recording
        2. Adjusting the Recording Level
        3. Recording Audio
        4. Using the Audio Bin
      3. Recording Additional Takes
        1. Recording Takes in Cycle Mode
      4. Recording Multiple Tracks
        1. Recording Additional Takes on Multiple Tracks
      5. Punching In and Out
        1. Punching on the Fly
        2. Using Automatic Punching
      6. Changing Recording and Metronome Settings
        1. Setting the I/O Buffer Size
        2. Setting the Recording File Type
        3. Setting the Count-In
        4. Setting the Metronome
      7. Lesson Review
    2. 3. Editing Audio
      1. Comping Takes
        1. Previewing the Takes
        2. Comping the Takes
        3. Experimenting with the Comp
      2. Assigning Mouse Tools
      3. Editing Audio Regions in the Arrange Area
        1. Adding Fades
        2. Adding Crossfades
        3. Previewing and Adding Audio Files
        4. Cutting and Copying Regions
      4. Deleting Unused Audio Files
      5. Editing an Audio Drum Loop
        1. Previewing and Importing Audio Files
        2. Editing a Loop
        3. Using the Sample Editor
        4. Trimming an Audio File
        5. Adding Destructive Fades
        6. Reversing a Sample
        7. Positioning an Audio Region in the Arrange Area
      6. Lesson Review
    3. 4. Recording MIDI
      1. Recording MIDI
      2. Quantizing MIDI Recordings
        1. Quantizing MIDI Regions
        2. Setting a Default Quantization Grid
      3. Merging Recordings into a MIDI Region
        1. Recording into a Selected MIDI Region
        2. Merging Recordings in Cycle Mode
      4. Recording MIDI Takes
      5. Recording a Performance in Play Mode
      6. Using Punch Recording
      7. Using Step Input Recording
      8. Filtering Incoming MIDI Events
      9. Lesson Review
    4. 5. Programming and Editing MIDI
      1. Programming in the Piano Roll Editor
        1. Creating Notes with the Pencil Tool
        2. Copying and Deleting Notes Using the Pencil Tool
        3. Editing Note Velocity
      2. Editing a MIDI Recording
        1. Importing a MIDI File
        2. Editing a Recorded MIDI Sequence
      3. Using the Score Editor
        1. Using the Link Modes
        2. Creating a Horn Line in the Score Editor
      4. Editing Notes with a MIDI Keyboard
      5. Editing MIDI Continuous Controller Events
        1. Editing Note Velocity Using Hyper Draw
        2. Automating Pitch Bend Using Hyper Draw
        3. Automating Volume Using Hyper Draw
        4. Automating Pan in the Hyper Editor
      6. Editing in the Event List
        1. Cleaning Up a MIDI Region
        2. Quantizing Note Lengths
      7. Lesson Review
    5. 6. Programming Drums
      1. Programming a Drum Pattern in Ultrabeat
        1. Choosing a Drum Kit and Previewing Drum Sounds
        2. Using the Step Sequencer
        3. Programming a Pattern
        4. Editing Velocities and Accents
      2. Humanizing the Groove in the MIDI Editors
        1. Dragging the Pattern to the Arrange Area
        2. Applying a Laid-Back Feel to the Snare
        3. Comparing the Quantized and Laid-Back Patterns
        4. Randomizing Timing
      3. Creating a Snare Roll Using the Hyper Editor
        1. Creating a Custom Hyper Set
        2. Drawing a Snare Roll
      4. Lesson Review
    6. 7. Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching
      1. Matching the Project Tempo to an Audio Region’s Tempo
      2. Working with Apple Loops
        1. Using the Loop Browser
        2. Setting the Project’s Key Signature
        3. Customizing the Loop Browser
        4. Creating Blue Apple Loops
        5. Creating Green Apple Loops
        6. Using the New Apple Loops in Another Project
      3. Making Audio Files Follow the Project Tempo
      4. Inserting Tempo Changes and Curves
      5. Time Stretching an Audio Region
      6. Lesson Review
  6. Arranging and Mixing
    1. 8. Arranging and Preparing for the Mix
      1. Previewing the Song
      2. Using Existing Material to Fill In Parts
        1. Filling In the Bass Track
        2. Experimenting with the Order of Regions
        3. Packing Regions into Folders
        4. Slicing and Doubling a Percussion Part
        5. Humanizing a Percussion Part
      3. Adding and Deleting Sections
        1. Adding an Introduction
        2. Cutting a Section
      4. Muting Elements
        1. Muting Sections of an Instrument
      5. Cleaning Up Noisy Recordings
        1. Removing Snare Leakage from the Kick Track
        2. Reducing a Wah Noise from the Guitar Track
      6. Lesson Review
    2. 9. Mixing
      1. Previewing the Final Mix
      2. Adding Effects
      3. Adjusting Levels
        1. Adjusting the Levels of the Drum Tracks
        2. Grouping Tracks
      4. Choosing Pan Positions
      5. Choosing EQ Settings
      6. Using Delay and Reverberation
        1. Adding Delay to the Vocals
        2. Adding Reverb Using Aux Sends
      7. Using Dynamic Processing Plug-ins
        1. Using the Compressor
        2. Using a Compressor and a Limiter on the Master Channel Strip
      8. A Few Tips and Tricks
        1. Take a Break
        2. Listen to Your Mix Outside the Studio
        3. Compare Your Mix with Commercial Mixes
      9. Lesson Review
    3. 10. Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces
      1. Creating and Editing Offline Automation
        1. Creating Automation to Adjust the Volume of a Section
        2. Creating a Decrescendo with Volume Automation
        3. Creating Pan Automation
      2. Recording Live Automation
        1. Recording Automation in Touch Mode
        2. Recording Automation in Latch Mode
        3. Recording Plug-in Bypass Automation
      3. Using Control Surfaces
        1. Using Automation Quick Access
        2. Using Multiple Controller Assignments
      4. Exporting the Mix
      5. Lesson Review
  7. Other Topics
    1. 11. Scoring Movies
      1. Opening a Movie and Choosing Settings
        1. Opening a Movie
        2. Choosing Synchronization Settings
        3. Importing the Movie’s Audio Track
      2. Writing the Score
        1. Writing the First Cue
        2. Detecting Scene Cuts
        3. Aligning a Downbeat to a Scene Cut
        4. Writing the Second Cue
        5. Placing a Sound Effect to the Picture
      3. Saving a Movie with the Score
      4. Lesson Review
    2. 12. Troubleshooting and Optimization
      1. Making Backups
        1. Saving a Project and Making Automatic Backups
        2. Backing Up Project Files
        3. Backing Up Projects Folders to External Devices
      2. Solving Audio and MIDI Routing Problems
        1. Restoring Your Audio Output
        2. Bypassing Your Audio Interface
        3. Checking Audio Input
        4. Getting MIDI Out
        5. Getting MIDI In
      3. Optimizing Hardware Performance
        1. Optimizing CPU Resources
        2. Optimizing Hard Disk Bandwidth Usage
      4. Addressing Unexpected Behaviors
        1. First Steps
        2. Initializing Preferences
        3. Restoring Preferences
        4. Project File Corruption
        5. Monitoring Problems
        6. Disabling Audio Drivers at Startup
      5. Lesson Review
  8. A. Using External MIDI Devices
    1. Configuring MIDI Hardware
      1. Routing External MIDI Tracks
      2. Choosing a Program Remotely
  9. B. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Transport Controls
    2. Zooming
    3. Tools
    4. Channel Strip, Track, and Region Operations
    6. Automation
    7. Finder
  10. Glossary