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Installing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge

Starting Adobe Photoshop

Online Content

Restoring default preferences

Additional resources

Adobe Authorized Training Centers

1   Getting to know the Work Area

Starting to work in Adobe Photoshop

Using the tools

Sampling a color

Working with tools and tool properties

Undoing actions in Photoshop

More about panels and panel locations

2   Basic Photo Corrections

Strategy for retouching

Resolution and image size

Opening a file with Adobe Bridge

Straightening and cropping the image in Photoshop

Adjusting the color and tone

Using the Spot Healing Brush tool

Applying a content-aware patch

Repairing areas with the Clone Stamp tool

Sharpening the image

3   Working with Selections

About selecting and selection tools

Getting started

Using Cloud Documents

Using the Magic Wand tool

Using the Quick Selection tool

Moving a selected area

Using the Object Selection tool

Manipulating selections

Selecting with the lasso tools

Rotating a selection

Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool

Selecting from a center point

Resizing and copying a selection

Cropping an image

4   Layer Basics

About layers

Getting started

Using the Layers panel

Rearranging layers

Applying a gradient to a layer

Applying a layer style

Adding an adjustment layer

Updating layer effects

Adding a border

Flattening and saving files

5   Quick Fixes

Getting started

Improving a snapshot

Adjusting facial features with Liquify

Blurring a background

Creating a panorama

Filling empty areas when cropping

Correcting image distortion

Extending depth of field

Removing objects using Content-Aware Fill

Adjusting perspective in an image

6   Masks and Channels

Working with masks and channels

Getting started

Using Select and Mask and Select Subject

Creating a quick mask

Manipulating an image with Puppet Warp

Using an alpha channel to create a shadow

7   Typographic Design

About type

Getting started

Creating a clipping mask from type

Creating type on a path

Warping point type

Designing paragraphs of type

Adding a rounded rectangle

Adding vertical text

8   Vector Drawing Techniques

About bitmap images and vector graphics

About paths and the Pen tool

Getting started

Drawing a shape with the Pen tool

Drawing a path traced from a photo

Converting a path to a selection and a layer mask

Creating a logo with text and a custom shape

9   Advanced Compositing

Getting started

Arranging layers

Using Smart Filters

Painting a layer

Adding a background

Using the History panel to undo edits

Upscaling a low-resolution image

10   Painting with the Mixer Brush

About the Mixer Brush

Getting started

Selecting brush settings

Mixing colors

Mixing colors with a photograph

Painting and mixing colors with brush presets

11   Editing Video

Getting started

About the Timeline panel

Creating a new video project

Animating text with keyframes

Creating effects

Adding transitions

Adding audio

Muting unwanted audio

Rendering video

12   Working with Camera Raw

Getting started

About camera raw files

Processing files in Camera Raw

Applying advanced color correction

13   Preparing Files for the Web

Getting started

Creating placeholders with the Frame tool

Using layer groups to create button graphics

Automating a multistep task

Designing with artboards

14   Producing and Printing Consistent Color

Preparing files for printing

Getting started

Performing a “zoom test”

About color management

Specifying color-management settings

Identifying out-of-gamut colors

Proofing document colors on a monitor

Bringing colors into the output gamut

Converting an image to CMYK

Saving the image as a CMYK EPS file

Printing a CMYK image from Photoshop

15   Printing 3D Files

Getting started

Understanding the 3D environment

Positioning 3D elements

Printing a 3D file



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