James C. Brenneke
(Retired, BP and Subsurface Consultants & Associates LLC)

Jim Brenneke is a geologist with more than 40 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He joined Shell Oil in 1977 with a master of science plus additional PhD work from the University of Illinois and worked for various Shell subsidiaries until 1993. During that time, he worked on reservoir diagenesis studies, U.S. and international exploration geology, U.S. production geology, and U.S. operations geology. Jim joined SCA in 1994 where he worked with Dan Tearpock, Dick Bischke, and David Metzner. With SCA he worked on various U.S. and international consulting projects as well as held management responsibilities, including Vice President of Geoscience and Engineering. While at SCA, Jim specialized in prospect generation, prospect appraisal, and production geology.

Jim left SCA in 2006 to join BP to work on the development of new fields in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater. He retired from BP in 2016 as Geology Discipline Lead for BP’s Gulf of Mexico Deepwater production department. He currently teaches Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping for SCA.

Jim is a member of AAPG and Houston Geological Society.

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