Richard E. Bischke
(PGCS, retired Subsurface Consultants & Associates LLC)

Dr. Richard (Dick) Bischke was Chief Structural Geophysicist for Subsurface Consultants & Associates LLC (SCA). He works primarily on worldwide projects for major oil companies and large independents. He is a 3D-workstation geophysicist specializing in the interpretation of and prospect generation within complexly deformed structures, including salt-related structures.

Dr. Bischke was an Associate Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Temple University (1973–82) and an adjunct Professor of Engineering at Drexel University. During this time, he became associated with the consulting firm International Exploration (INTEX). He consulted mainly with major oil companies and large independents, primarily in frontier basins, from 1975 to 1988 as Chief Exploration Geophysicist. After participating in an extensive structural study in the Philippines on a basin evaluation project sponsored by the World Bank for the Philippine National Oil Company, he worked with Dr. John Suppe on the prospect generation within several Philippine fold belts. He later joined Dr. Suppe at Princeton University to conduct applied research on extensional and compressional structures (1988–91).

During the 1991–2015 period, he conducted extensive studies throughout the world. He assisted in the exploration and development of the super-giant El Furrial trend and in the exploration of the offshore Orinoco Delta Complex in Venezuela, and he has worked on other projects throughout Venezuela and other regions of South America. Dr. Bischke has expertise in all the tectonic provinces, including compressional, extensional, strike-slip, and diapiric. In the United States, he has conducted studies in the eastern and western overthrust belts, including the Appalachians, the Northern and Southern Rockies, and the Ouchita Fold Belt, as well as in the North Slope of Alaska, offshore and onshore California, shallow and deep-water Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf Coast and Midland Basins.

He was involved with several significant oil and gas discoveries in Louisiana, Venezuela, and the offshore Palawan, Philippines. He has published on a variety of topics that include earthquake research, seismic structural interpretation, structural balancing and subsurface mapping and interpretation techniques. With Dan Tearpock, Dr. Bischke coauthored the first and second editions of this title, which has become the standard guide for structural mapping interpretations, relied on worldwide by both industry and governments. He taught industry schools to coworkers and management from this text.

Dr. Bischke is also heavily involved in teaching courses in structural geology and balancing in compressional, extensional, and strike-slip regimes. He has authored many papers and several books on tectonics and earthquakes; on extensional, compressional, and strike-slip structures; and on subsurface mapping and prospecting.

He is a member of several societies, including the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Houston Geological Society, and Lafayette Geophysical Society. Dr. Bischke and Dan Tearpock, as co-authors, won Best Paper Awards from the New Orleans Geological Society and the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies.

Dr. Bischke is now the team leader of the third edition of this text.

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