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Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Python – Third Edition

Dr. Basant Agarwal

ISBN: 9781801073448

  • Understand common data structures and algorithms using examples, diagrams, and exercises
  • Explore how more complex structures, such as priority queues and heaps, can benefit your code
  • Implement searching, sorting, and selection algorithms on number and string sequences
  • Become confident with key string-matching algorithms
  • Understand algorithmic paradigms and apply dynamic programming techniques
  • Use asymptotic notation to analyze algorithm performance with regard to time and space complexities
  • Write powerful, robust code using the latest features of Python

Functional Python Programming – Third Edition

Steven F. Lott

ISBN: 9781803232577

  • Use Python’s libraries to avoid the complexities of state-changing classes
  • Leverage built-in higher-order functions to avoid rewriting common algorithms
  • Write generator functions to create lazy processing
  • Design and implement decorators for functional composition
  • Make use of Python type annotations to describe parameters and results of functions
  • Apply functional programming to concurrency and web services
  • Explore the PyMonad library for stateful simulations

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