Book Description

Part of the artisanal/DIY movement is about authenticity and quality, with a return to simplicity, real values, genuine materials, and careful craftsmanship. Leather is one of those authentic materials, and while it has always been used for handbags and gloves, it's enjoying a resurgence in the field of crafts. Simple objects elegantly made of leather are featured everywhere on maker blogs, photo-sharing sites, tutorials, and craft marketplaces. Leather is in the real world, too, in heavily curated hipster boutiques and well-edited coffee shops that sell sundries.

Idiot's Guides: Leather Crafts offers 20 projects (illustrated with copious step-by-step photos), ranging from beginner to advanced, each one building on the skills that have been taught in prior projects. Unlike most existing books on leathercraft, which come with a heavy whiff of the '70s, this one has a sleek, modern aesthetic. The projects are functional, and the minimal, elegant embellishment and natural finishes will keep them timeless.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Materials and Tools
    1. Types of Leather
    2. Choosing Leather
    3. Buying Leather
    4. Tools and Hardware
  7. Techniques
    1. Working with Templates
    2. Cutting
      1. Using a Straightedge
      2. Using Leather Shears
      3. Using a Strap Cutter
      4. Using a Precision Knife Freehand
    3. Finishing Leather
      1. Dressing
      2. Dyeing
      3. Glossing
    4. Edge Finishing
      1. Edge Beveling
      2. Edge Dyeing
      3. Edge Burnishing
    5. Punching
      1. Using Hole Punches
      2. Using End Punches
      3. Using a Rotary Punch
    6. Hardware
      1. Riveting
      2. Attaching Snaps
      3. Attaching Chicago Screws
      4. Attaching a Buckle
      5. Attaching Button Studs
      6. Attaching a Magnetic Clasp
      7. Making a Leather Thong Closure
      8. Making a String Envelope Closure
    7. Hand Stitching
      1. Using a Stitching Groover
      2. Using a Pricking Iron
      3. Using an Awl
      4. Using a Stitching Horse
      5. Baseball Stitch
      6. Saddle Stitch
      7. Box Stitch
    8. Cementing
    9. Shaping Leather
      1. Folding
      2. Folding with a Channel
    10. Skiving
  8. Beginner Projects
    1. Bookmark
    2. Drink Coasters
    3. Yoga Mat Strap
    4. Keychain Lanyard
    5. Simple Cuff Bracelet
    6. Bicycle Mud Flap
    7. Simple Belt
    8. Leather Valet
  9. Intermediate Projects
    1. Checkers Game Board
    2. Mason Jar Sleeve
    3. Slim Wallet
    4. Journal Cover
    5. Envelope Clutch
    6. Laptop Sleeve
  10. Advanced Projects
    1. Utility Apron
    2. Tool Roll
    3. Wine Tote
    4. Coaster Box
    5. Lineman’s Bag
    6. Convertible Tote Backpack
  11. Resources
  12. Glossary