Book Description

The user-friendly approach taken by this series is appealing to both the beginner and the experienced user. Each page of the fast & easy "RM" books is filled with actual screen shots so readers can easily follow along with the step-by-step instructions that are provided. The low price makes books in the fast & easy "RM" series learning tools that are truly hard to resist! Satisfied readers have made this series an established success that continues to be a hit with users at all levels.


  • Ready to begin adding family members? Go to Chapter 3

  • Need to document sources as you gather information? Learn how in Chapter 5

  • Wonder how you can correct or add to your files? Turn to Chapter 11

  • Have questions about options for creating reports? Get the answers in Chapter 13

  • Want to publish your family history in a scrapbook? Get some tips in Chapter 17

  • Ready to share your information online? Learn how in Chapter 19

  • Table of Contents

    1. Dedication
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. About the Author
    4. Introduction
    5. Introduction to Family Tree Maker
      1. Getting Started with Family Tree Maker
        1. Starting Family Tree Maker
        2. Creating a New Family File
      2. Understanding Family Tree Maker
        1. Exploring Family Tree Maker
        2. Navigating the Fields
        3. Understanding the Different Views
        4. Moving Information
        5. Exiting Family Tree Maker
      3. Family Tree Maker for Beginners
        1. Entering a Primary Individual
        2. Entering an Event
        3. Changing the Date Format
        4. Adding Individuals
        5. Moving a Child to the Primary Individual Position
        6. Review Questions
    6. Using Family Tree Maker Features
      1. Enhancing the Family
        1. Adding Parents
        2. Working with Children
        3. Adding another Set of Parents
        4. Arranging Child Order
      2. Documenting Sources
        1. Where can You Cite Sources?
        2. Citing a Source
        3. Attaching Images to Sources
      3. Understanding More About Options
        1. Working with the More About Facts Window
        2. Using the Address Window
        3. Working with Medical Information
        4. Opening the More About Lineage Window
      4. Using More About Notes
        1. Working with Notes and Stories
        2. Finding Text in Notes
        3. Importing Text to Notes
        4. Exporting Notes
        5. Formatting Notes for Printing
      5. Working with More About Marriage
        1. Accessing the More About Marriage Window
        2. Using the More About Marriage Facts Window
        3. Working with Marriage Notes
      6. Getting into Individual Facts Cards
        1. Accessing the Individual Facts Card
        2. Individual Facts Card versus the Family Page
        3. Working with the Individual Facts Card
        4. Review Questions
    7. Working in Family Tree Maker
      1. Searching Your Family Tree File
        1. Using Quick Search by Name
        2. Working with the Find Feature
        3. Rearranging the Index
        4. Using the Find Individual Feature
        5. Working with the FamilyFinder Center
      2. Correcting Information in Family Tree Maker
        1. Working with the Family Tree Maker Spelling Checker
        2. Untying the Marriage Knot
        3. Removing People from Your Family File
        4. Checking the Family File for Errors
      3. Fixing Relationships & Duplicates
        1. Fixing Relationships
        2. Fixing Duplicates
        3. Using Global Find and Replace
        4. Part III Review Questions
    8. Getting to Know Family Tree Maker Trees and Reports
      1. Looking at the Tree Reports in Family Tree Maker
        1. Displaying Ancestor Trees
        2. Displaying Hourglass Trees
        3. Displaying Descendant Trees
        4. Displaying All-in-One Trees
        5. Enhancing Tree Views
      2. Working with Specialty Reports and the Research Journal
        1. Creating a Custom Report
        2. Creating a Kinship Report
        3. Working with Address and Birthday Reports
        4. Using the Research Journal
        5. Working with the Genealogy How-To Guide
      3. Viewing and Printing Reports and Trees
        1. Viewing the Tree You Want to Print
        2. Customizing the View
        3. Printing the Tree
        4. Saving the Tree in PDF Format
      4. Creating Genealogy Style and Genealogical Source Reports
        1. Using Genealogy Style Reports
        2. Using Endnotes
        3. Formatting the Report
        4. Locating Conflicting Facts
        5. Creating a Bibliography Report
        6. Creating a Documented Events Report
        7. Part IV Review Questions
    9. Publishing Your Family History
      1. Creating a Scrapbook
        1. Using the Scrapbook
        2. Inserting Scrapbook Objects
        3. Entering Information About Scrapbook Objects
        4. Rearranging Scrapbook Objects
        5. Enhancing Your Images
        6. Searching for Objects
        7. Sharing Your Scrapbook
      2. Creating a Family History Book
        1. Selecting Available Items
        2. Working with Outline Items
        3. Finalizing the Book
      3. Creating Your Personal Family Tree Maker Home Page
        1. Creating Your First Home Page
        2. Working with Your Home Page
        3. Removing Items from Your Home Page
        4. Review Questions
    10. Advanced Family Tree Maker Methods
      1. Working with Dates and Facts
        1. Working with the Marriage Fact
        2. Removing a Custom Fact Name
        3. Calculating Dates or Ages
      2. Working with GEDCOM Files and Other Family Files
        1. Creating a GEDCOM File
        2. Opening a Different Family File
        3. Saving a Backup of Your Family File
      3. Working with the Custom Report
        1. Using the Find Button to Include Individuals in the Custom Report
        2. Using the Find Button to Remove Individuals
        3. Formatting Your Custom Report
        4. Saving as a New Family File or GEDCOM File
      4. Working with System Preferences
        1. Changing System Preferences
        2. Customizing the Toolbar
        3. Family File Statistics
      5. Enhancing Your Family History Book
        1. Preparing Reports in Advance
        2. Renaming Outline Items
        3. Adding Place Holders
        4. Adding to a Book
        5. Part VI Review Questions
    11. Appendixes
      1. Installing Family Tree Maker
        1. Installing Family Tree Maker Version 10
        2. Uninstalling Family Tree Maker
      2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
        1. Learning the Keyboard Shortcuts
        2. Working with Text
    12. Glossary